Sunday, March 18, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Greetings Readers,

Happy day after St. Patricks Day!

This week we feature an e-newsletter that focuses primarily on the public education arena. We have a principal of a large Rochester area school district and the “Youngest Superintendent of Schools in New York State.” In addition, we have kept up on the entrepreneur front by featuring a local business owner with a special relation to one of us.

My Spring break was filled with much travel. Unfortunately, it was not the usual type of Spring break traveling. Rather it was a few trips back and forth between my hometown, Kirkwood, NY, (near Binghamton), to Geneseo for a meeting with the Town of Mount Morris Main Street Merchants, and our Business Ownership Training Course. They were both productive and enjoyable, but they took a toll on me.

While at home, I had the opportunity to do some substitute teaching on Monday, Thursday, and Friday in the Windsor Central School District, my alma mater. I was the utility player at one elementary school for a day while teachers had Special Education meetings, taught seventh grade Social Studies on Thursday, and served as a remedial reading teacher on my final day in action. When I have the chance, I enjoy getting into the classroom and facilitating some learning. It is quite rewarding, as you will read in the pieces on our two featured educators this week.

Also, as not the average college student, while at home I attended the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce mixer to meet some new folks. I would recommend taking opportunities such as this to make yourself more visible in the community (if that is your thing) and to network with your peers. Good relationships are essential to leading a fulfilling life.

This week we provide you with three interesting individuals. We bring you educators from our respective school districts; Beth Patton, Principal at Rush Henrietta High School, and Jason Andrews, Superintendent of the Windsor Central School District. Both are very devoted to their students, staff, and learning environments. As a bonus, the 3rd profile this week is Joe DeGeorge, Ben’s father. He is co-owner of St. Pauly Textiles, a unique used clothes company which provides developing countries with millions of pounds of clothing every year.

We hope you all enjoy this week’s efforts. Keep reading, giving us your feedback, and spreading the word!

Warm Regards,

Joseph Norman
SUNY Geneseo ‘08
Notable and Newsworthy