Sunday, June 10, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Be happy readers!

Ladies and gentlemen, this week is a great week. Summertime is getting the best of us as we work hard in our various endeavors. For Ben, he is inspired by Richard Branson, a dynamic billionaire with a unique personality and business sense. He has chosen to write about the man for this weeks e-Newsletter.

For Joe, he is on vacation. This week for him has been one of hard work at Manning and Napier Advisors, Inc. and camaraderie with old friends. Please, do not mind the dearth of "VIPs" this week, but rather prepare yourselves for a plethora of interesting individuals in the near future.

We wish you the best throughout this delightful week to come, and we look forward to our interaction next week.

We know all of you respect a little down time. Even the "VIP Guys" need it, but not for long...

SUNY Geneseo '08
Notable and Newsworthy

Life and Times of JWN

Over the past week, I began my routine of spending half my time in Henrietta, New York at Ben's house and the other half of my time in Geneseo. This makes for a nice change and a shorter commute, but the "on the road" mentality can be a little taxing. The DeGeorge's are great people though and very hospitable, so it is a pleasure to hang out there. (Thank you Sue & Joe)

Wednesday, I shot back to Geneseo to spend some quality time with a few friends that are still in the area. Thursday and Friday rocked my world with a variety of financial research on competitor's retirement products, annuities (and how unattractive they are), and Qualified Default Investment Alternatives of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. (Did I just sound sweet and intelligent by hitting you with some financial jargon)?

The weekend began on Friday after I got home from work. I am starting to get accustomed to the thrills of TGIF. There is nothing better than the feeling of walking out of the office on Friday afternoon and thinking, "I've got a few days to myself." It's refreshing.

Friday, my good friend Josh Belisle came into town to spend some time with Ross Hunkovic and me. Shane Zanetti, my other house mate, left for the weekend to go to a Yankee's game with his family. Us three homesteaders (Josh, Ross, and I) did some nice runs and prepared for a Seneca Lake Wine Tour on Sunday afternoon, organized by Chris "the Pop Guy" Popivici. For reasons I will let you infer, I am writing this before the tour begins. So, no results or wine recommendations this week, but in due time my friends.

Taking a little vacation, but...

Always my best... ~Joseph