Sunday, May 18, 2008

JWN: Why I Write for You

Why I Write

By: Joseph W. Norman

“My hope is that sharing my path with you enables you to let your life speak!”

A while back I read a book by Jeffrey Gitomer, my literary mentor, called The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way. In this work of sales genius, Jeffrey states that anybody can become a voice on a subject if they are published. So, I started to write about a few topics I have been passionate about for years; leadership, personal, and professional development. My articles initially appeared in the Life and Times of JWN, my personal section in The VIP Profiles.

Since that beginning, I have really become to think of myself as a writer. Before, I always knew I was good at it and often found myself using that ugly word “potential” far too often, but I never really applied it. The VIP Profiles gave me an outlet and the kick in the butt I needed to help me find myself.

There are a few very personal reasons why I write now. 1) I want to become known on a global scale as a thought leader, 2) I believe strongly in the concept of personal development and I want to share my thoughts on it with you, and, 3) Writing allows me to process my thoughts, so my writing now is my gift to myself. Through it, I solidify who I am and what I want to become.

Writing has truly helped me develop who I am. Some say it is selfish to write about your pursuits and share them, but I find it quite cathartic. Also, I try to do it in a way that is valuable. I’m a firm proponent of giving of yourself first, so my words are my way of sharing experiences; good, bad, or life changing, with you.

Although the system is definitely in place for the narcissist, my objective is primarily to share. I feel that through giving we learn more about ourselves and enable ourselves with an opportunity to inspire others. Throughout the entire production of The VIP Profiles this has been the primary goal. Now, with the writing I publish, that is my goal.

This has been the most valuable impact of The VIP Profiles to date. I know I cannot speak for Ben, but I can speak for myself. The impact the production of this eZine has had on me, goes above and beyond any other possible scenario or situation because it taught me how to be a giver and it showed me the wealth that comes from that.

I’m not talking about monetary wealth (yet), but rather the concept of wealth in general. You see, the world’s greatest leaders are also the world’s greatest philanthropists. There is a concept taught in the Bible and it is a fundamental principle of the universe. The more you give, the more you get.

This relates and directly corresponds to all things; time, money, energy, etc. It should be harnessed because the fulfillment it creates is beyond what any other action can create. That is why I write. In my effort to give of myself and share my path with you, I find fulfillment.

Know that the fundamental principle behind my articles is to share my journey with you. There are many things I have learned, practiced, and experienced as a primary producer of The VIP Profiles. One is that there are many people that have gone before us, who have trodden many roads, and experienced countless things. Their journey has a story which deserves to be heard and learned from.

Although I am a firm proponent of taking the road less traveled, I still believe you need to know where the other paths have led. This is my path shared for you. My hope is that sharing my path with you enables you to let your life speak!


Joseph W. Norman, resides in Geneseo, NY, and is Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of The VIP Profiles. He offers lectures and keynote talks on leadership, personal, and professional development and is always up for a business lunch.

Joseph can be reached at or 607.743.8569.

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