Sunday, April 22, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the "Now it feels like Spring" Issue
Dear Valued Readers,

This week we feature two exciting figures. Team VIP Member, Martin Terwilliger, a SUNY Geneseo Business Administration major with lofty goals but good home grown family values. Our other VIP is Dr. Pamela York Klainer, a financially independent entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Her influence spans globally but her home is Rochester, New York.

Spring in Geneseo

We hope all is well with you and yours and enjoy!

Joseph W. Norman
SUNY Geneseo '08
Notable and Newsworthy

The Life and Times of JWN
The weather has warmed up nicely here in Geneseo and it is starting to feel like Spring. Sunshine and birds chirping seems to have a wonderful effect on the overall demeanor of the campus.

This was a fun week for me because I had an interview at a desired place for summer employment, Manning and Napier Investment Advisors in Fairport, New York. It took place on Friday morning and involved some pleasant conversation with a few members of the Risk Management Group.

Afterwards, I visited with my friend Geoff, an analyst there, who preceded to take me out to lunch with some of his co-workers (some of which interviewed me in the morning). We had a delicious trip to Uno Chicago Grill right down the road from the office.

The folks at Manning and Napier are successfully building the suspense about my employment. But, do not worry readers, we should know next week.

In other news, I was elected president of the Finance Club. I also spent some time tutoring Lisa Burns, Livingston County Chamber of Commerce's Tourism Director, on how to produce e-newsletters using the service Ben and I use, Ben and I have developed a good working relationship with the folks at the Chamber.
For this week, you might be interested in checking out a series of books called Great Speeches In History put out by Greenhaven Press. I am currently reading the series' book, The Civil War, for my American Romanticism class. Enjoy the weather and the lovely week ahead!