Monday, April 30, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Notable and Newsworthy: Issue: 15 , April 29, 2007


This week we bring you a few interesting players from the Geneseo area. The first, a writer, community activist, and member of the Wadsworth family, and the next, a well respected professor and philosopher with an interesting view on life.

We would like to take a quick moment to formally thank the efforts of Jacob Kriss, Editor in Chief of the Lamron (Geneseo's newspaper). He has been working with Team VIP on some of our profiles. We are excited by his participation and we hope you see a difference in the quality of work we produce.

Make sure to check out our website frequently as we now have animations of ourselves posted with talking heads. A little freaky, but cool. We hope all is well with you and yours and enjoy!

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The Life and Times of JWN
Well readers the suspense has been built enough. I heard the word on the job this week.

I got the Risk Management Internship at Manning and Napier Investment Advisors in Fairport, New York. My summer will now be spent in the Rochester area working at Manning, staying fit, and playing in a softball league on Thursday nights with some former teammates.

In other news, the school year is wrapping up quite nicely. Ben and I got our Mount Morris tourism brochure template back from our designer, so we can now begin selling advertising space for it. This should be an adventure.

Also, I had an interesting meeting at the Chamber of Commerce about building a potential relationship with the Eastern Region in Ghana. This should provide some compelling opportunities in the future.

My recommendation this week is a milk shake from the Geneseo Family Restaurant on Main Street in Geneseo. I had a chocolate shake there this morning and it was incredible. If you are ever in town, pick one up, you will be pleasantly impressed.

My best... ~ Joseph