Sunday, May 6, 2007

Letters from the Editor

Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles Issue: 16, May 6, 2007

This week we bring a focus on the student body of SUNY Geneseo. With the Spring Semester coming to a close and graduation standing like a beacon of freedom at the end of the week, we wanted to take some time out for the students.

We feature a collection of male, Geneseo cross country and track athletes whom we live with at our respective quarters. From Ben, it is the upstanding gentlemen of the Sophomore Suite in Genesee Hall, while Joseph brings you part one of the "Seniors of 69" Second Street.

These are shorter profiles written to give you a taste of just a small group of the students at Geneseo.

Enjoy this week's VIPs, and remember to wear sunscreen.


Joseph Norman
SUNY Geneseo '08
Notable and Newsworthy

Life and Times of JWN

This past week marked the end of the "regular season" for the Spring Semester and the start of the "playoffs." After a quadruple header of classes on Tuesday, I took part in a two game series that spanned from Thursday to Friday.

In an away game at Newton Lecture Hall on Thursday, I dominated Principles of Financial Accounting in a grueling one hundred multiple choice showdown. Then I ventured back to the home course of Welles Hall on Friday afternoon (home of the English Department) for a meeting of the minds with William Shakespeare.

Unlike baseball, where you know the score at the end of the game, the verdict is still out on these two early postseason match ups. But, I feel pretty confident in my performance.

In other news, I organized a private mine tour of American Rock Salt with a local friend, Don Heit, Mine Foreman. This trip was put together primarily as a graduation present for one of the "Seniors of 69," James Tillapaugh. The lineup included a few other celebrity guest all-stars though, Ben DeGeorge, Ross Hunkovic, and Lindsay Quist-Chaffee (see above photo).

I also spoke on behalf of the Finance Club and Student Managed Investment Fund at the Spring Business Advisory Council meeting organized by the Jones School of Business. In addition, I ate at VIP President Dahl's home for an Admission's Ambassadors recognition dinner. It was a solid week of public relations and academic challenge.

My tip of the week is on public relations: If you want to get to know more people, speak in front of them. Make them want to know you. This is a lesson I learned from previous book recommendation, Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Black Book of Connections.

~ Joseph