Sunday, May 27, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles, Issue 19

We at Notable and Newsworthy hope you are doing well. Smile! It makes people wonder what you are thinking.

"The VIP Guys" have a couple exciting VIPs for you this week. The first is Laura Nixon, an accomplished and inspiring Mary Kay woman with a distinct passion for strong leadership and the power of a positive attitude.

Also, we have Rick Krempin, Certified Family Business Planner, who relies on building relationships and helping people to achieve personal success. In addition, we bring the fifth, and final "Sophomore Suite" profile, featuring Geneseo student, Matt Kenny.

Enjoy this week's VIP adventure!

Notable and Newsworthy
SUNY Geneseo '08
Life and Times of JWN 

It is a pleasure for me to be writing to you this week readers. Things are well in Geneseo and I am in a great mood now that I have settled into my summer routine.

Work started in the Risk Management Group at Manning & Napier Advisors last week. I am having fun learning about the financial universe from all of the talented minds around me there.

Now, here is a one time look into my summer routine. Get pumped!

My weekdays start at 6:04 AM in Geneseo where I wake up to the soft buzzer of my GE Clock Radio. Although, I did get a scare from my biological clock last Friday because I woke up at 6:02 AM on my own. I was happy I was not greeted by my trusty clock, but it just did not seem quite right.

After the wake up call I promptly get out of bed and get a bowl of cereal (no snooze button pushing). While eating I check my e-mail, hoping to have responses from readers like you about the recent issue of the VIP Profiles. Then I do a light workout, shower, and shave (I have to everyday now, it is a bit depressing but I have made peace with it).

I grab my lunch, pack my bag, and make my way out the door at about 7:20, arriving at the office a few minutes after 8 AM. Work usually keeps me busy until a little after 5, sometimes until about 5:30, and then I make the trek back to Geneseo. I am generally home by about 6:30 PM to enjoy a few low-key hours in the evening.

That will be my life for the next twelve weeks, but I will not bore you with the mundane details of the routine again. I thought it would be interesting to share at least once though.

Fortunately, I watched the movie Office Space this week (a classic), so I was sufficiently prepared for the "humor" of my corporate world experience. Sometimes as I sit in my cubicle (which is quite sizable I might add) thoughts of the movie make me chuckle. Great flick.

My best... ~ Joseph