Sunday, June 24, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Issue: 23 - June 24, 2007

Dear Readers,

This week we are excited to feature a few more upstanding VIPs. One is Don Jeffries, President of the Rochester Broadway Theatre League, a VIP we met through our friend and mentor, Chris McVicker (VIP). The other is Robert Gross, CEO of Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. Robert is our first public company CEO.

Enjoy the week ahead and take some time for our VIPs...they deserve it.

The hits just keep on coming,

Notable and Newsworthy
SUNY Geneseo '08

Life and Times of JWN
Over the past week, Ben and I had fun getting ideas from a recent read, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. This book was given to us by our friend and VIP, Chris McVicker of The Flanders Group. Chris even had his friend Keith sign our copies for us. A couple of stand up guys.

Keith is CEO of his own company, Ferrazzi Greenlight (website), doing leadership consulting and coaching for some of the world's most powerful people. The book is about how he has developed, and continues to develop, his incredible group of friends and connections. Inc. Magazine considers him one of the world's most connected individuals. It has been an exciting read, you should pick it up.

The weekend brought considerable travel. I spent about ten hours on the road starting at 6:15 AM on Saturday morning. You may be thinking, this kid is crazy, he gets up at 5:45 AM on a Saturday? Yeah, I am crazy. I went home for Windsor's graduation (my alma mater) and then traveled to Fredonia to spend time with Team VIP member, Michael Reiff, for his birthday (Happy Birthday Michael).

My journey home was to see some of my old recruits and mentees at Windsor High School graduate: Stephen Benedict, three time Section 4 Cross Country Champ and Tyler Quinn, three time Section 4 Cross Country runner-up -- a couple of class acts who mean much to me. They have both developed into inspiring individuals and it makes me feel great to be a meaningful part of their life.

ACTION PLAN: Take somebody under your wing. It will mean the world to them and it will be rewarding for you. Until next week...

Always my best, ~ Joseph