Sunday, July 1, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles, Issue 24

What's happening?

Quite a bit here at the Notable and Newsworthy pad at 69 Second Street. We are thrilled to feature a variety of stories this week.

We have David Koretz, CEO of BlueTie, Inc - a young and incredibly influential figure in the technical world and beyond, Frank Kowsky, retired professor of Art History from Buffalo State College, and Leonard Echevarria of St. Pauly textiles - a person with a must read story about determination to succeed, despite an under privileged background.

Team VIP Notables: Michael Reiff continues to produce exemplary work for us with this week's article on Frank Kowsky. Chris Popovici helped us with his talents by producing the Notable and Newsworthy Logo! Thank you Team VIP!

Always our best,


Notable and Newsworthy

SUNY Geneseo '08

Life and Times of JWN

Throughout the past week I spent a considerable amount of time eating food leftover from the housemates (and former housemates) at 69 Second Street. A bunch of class acts - those crazy cats. Thanks to ol' Eugene, I had some delicious Italian Sausage just this [Sunday] afternoon. I can be pretty frugal, so I've been feeling like a king recently with such delicacies at my fingertips.

Also, this week I pumped out a considerable amount of personal notes on my new "branded" cards. Maybe one day you'll receive one and understand what I'm talking about.This is a habit I've developed 1) because of some good advice from a few important people in my life, and 2) adding a distinct personal touch in a world that has become so impersonal is incredibly important to me.

ACTION PLAN: Take time this week and write a personal, handwritten note to three important people in your life. Everybody has someone to thank for making their life a little easier.

Notable and Newsworthy was founded by Ben and me on these principles of personal interaction, so it is something we take very seriously.

In other news, I attended a fund raising event Saturday night at Hot Shots in Rochester - the Second Annual Shnozfest. This was an event put on by a friend of mine at work, John Serron, and his former classmates from Penfield High School. It raised money for the Jon Ozimek Scholarship Fund, an award named after a friend of theirs that died of cancer in the last few years. There was some rocking music, it was a great cause, and I had an enjoyable time. (Nice work John & Co.).

Have a splendid week readers and enjoy this week's VIPs. They are some good reads, if I do say so myself (as an English major, I feel I have enough clout to make that claim).

Always my best, ~ Joseph