Sunday, July 15, 2007

Letter from the Editor

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I picked up a Gillette Fusion Power this week and the experience was incredible. It was the smoothest shave, both in result and in performance, that I have ever had. Thus, for you gentlemen out there that have to shave on a regular basis, I highly recommend this fine piece of modern day machinery.

 Also, in other hygiene news, thanks to my friend and Mary Kay star, Laura Nixon, I have become a big fan of the MK Men's shaving products. Laura sent me a nice care package the other week which included the MK Men's Shaving Creme and After Shave. To put it quite simply, it's great - most definitely pleased with it. Find your local Mary Kay woman or talk to me and I'll put you in contact with Laura. Either way, check it out!

Notable: For your viewing pleasure - you may notice a striking resemblance between this week's picture and Tom Cruise in Top Gun. That, my friends, is my best Maverick impression with a little slice of Norman - "the finger wag," a signature dance move of mine.

In other news, I got harassed by my oldest brother this week because I have been pretty cheap lately. At 69 Second Street, my home in Geneseo, I have been living without an Internet connection. Every Sunday I would travel onto campus to get wireless access from the school to put out the VIP Profiles.

This week Jack, my brother and software engineer for L3 Communications, found out about my situation and said, "Joe, you run an Internet based business and you don't have Internet access. You're an idiot."

Needless to say, this week's issue of the VIP Profiles is coming to you courtesy of a revived Internet connection in the comfort of my own home. Thank you Jack for your inspiration and wisdom.

For more shameless self promotion...check me out! Click here to view pictures of me at this year's Utica Boilermaker 15k!

Enjoy the week ahead my friends and talk to you soon.

Did I mention my article, "Make a POWERFUL Impression?" CHECK IT OUT here first before you have to pay big money to see me deliver the message live!!!

Always my best, ~ JWN