Sunday, July 22, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Life and Times of JWN
Joe and Dan Moore
This week brought a few more shaves with the Gillette Fusion Power, a busy work week, and a great Google Video find - often my source for some old music favorites.

To let the suspense settle in...I won't tell you the song until the end of my missive.

The week ended with a nice get together with some Manning & Napier folks. Two of my co-workers are moving to our office in St. Petersburg, FL, so I spent some time with them, and many others, on Friday evening in Rochester. Good food, good company, and good times were had by all. Also, it was a comfortable couch - not quite last room on the right, 69 Second Street material, but fair enough.

I am quite excited about a meeting I have on Monday about a potential trip to Ghana through the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce. We are working on building an international relationship between the Eastern Region of Ghana and Livingston and Monroe County. The meeting on Monday will discuss details and how much money I need to raise. I'm confident I can pull it off.

Another potential benefit for the trip is the relationships that can be built for SUNY Geneseo. Ghana has a tremendous focus on education, so the experience would be great for my college as well. We (at SUNY Geneseo) are always looking to further our name on a national and international scale.


Cindi Oswald (VIP Profilee - President of Chamber) and Lisa Burns (VIP Profilee - Tourism Director for Livingston County) run a great show at the Livingston County Chamber and have been very helpful in many of Ben and my efforts. You will no doubt hear their names more - as they are always making moves. Some future news may even include "The VIP Guys," you'll just have to wait and see...

The song for the week was a 1980s classic; Depeche Mode - I Promise You I Will. For an incredible animation and a relaxing tune, check out the video by clicking HERE!

ACTION PLAN: Click on Cindi and Lisa's names to view their respective VIP Profiles.

Always my best, ~JWN