Sunday, July 29, 2007

Letter from the Editor

The Life and Times of JWN
Ross and Joe
In the spirit of caffeine (which you will read about in Ben's Corner), I would like to introduce you to another eZine which I read every Tuesday - Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine.

ACTION PLAN: Sign up for it by going to Gitomer's website. Click here!

This publication always has valuable information, especially if you're in the sales industry. KEY FACT: Everybody is in the sales industry. You sell yourself and your ideas to others on a daily basis.

Now that you are signed up for Gitomer's Sales Caffeine eZine, we can talk about my week.

Ben and I learned more about our planned trip to Ghana in October. This will be in conjunction with the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce and SUNY Geneseo. The goal of the trip is to build relations with the leaders of the New Juaben State in the Eastern Region and with Universities throughout the country (education is extremely advanced in Ghana).

Our trip will coincide with the Akwantukese Durbar, a celebration of the exodus of the Juaben people from Asante to Akyem Abuakwa and the subsequent establishment of the New Juaben State in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

We will be guests of honor at this event thanks to the friendship we have developed with Mr. Victor Berko-Boateng, President of the Association for Ghanaians and Friends (AGF). He is a great guy and we are excited to experience his mother country's culture!

Also, this week I got involved with the Jones School of Business Alumni Golf Tournament. Dr. Mike Schinski, an avid golfer and Finance professor at Geneseo, runs the event. Mike is also the advisor of the Finance Club and Student Managed Investment Fund, of which I am president. The tourney was a great success.

Have a great week friends and check out GITOMER'S SALES CAFFEINE! It is a worthy read.

Best, ~JWN