Sunday, June 8, 2008

JWN: Switzerland Photo Montage

Switzerland Photo Montage

By: Joseph W. Norman

Media Credit: Meghan Nolan, Tricia Hackett

First, I find it necessary to explain the purpose of this photo montage. Sometimes, I feel it is important to get away from the words a little more and enjoy the scenery. While I traveled in Switzerland with many of my good friends over the last two weeks I had an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sights middle Europe has to offer. Our group went paraglidin through the Swiss Alps in Northern Switzerland, ventured through medieval castles in Belinzona in the South and travelled through the fashion center of Milan, Italy all the way to the tremendous city of Venice. I would be remiss if I denied you the opportunity to experience this visual extravaganza with me.

As I previously mentioned in my article on global citizenship, the world is becoming our stomping grounds. We must expand our minds passed the human made borders and think about what is happening on the other side of the world as well as up the street. My hope is to pay tribute to my fellow travelers and provide a little piece of Switzerland for you to take away. ~JWN

The Switzerland Travelers

(From left to right) Andrew Pollock, Tricia Hackett, Kristin Wayman, Eugene Peterson, Shane Zanetti, Meghan Nolan, Joseph Norman, Grandpa John Zanetti

The Duomo in Milan, Italy. This is a brilliant church with some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen inside of it. Truly a remarkable experience and on of pure Italian nature.

Wandering the streets of Lugano, Switzerland. This city is marked by spacious walkways and open plazas. The feel is one of relaxation. Far from the haste of many cities in the United States although financially, Lugano is right on par.

Yes. Even George Washington makes it to Lugano, Switzerland.

A medieval castle in Bellinzona, Switzerland

Shane Zanetti adventuring on one of the castles in Bellinzona

An award winning Gelato stand just outside of Lugano. This man was incredible and he truly loved his job. He waited over 45 minutes after when he was supposed to close for us to finish dinner so we could come enjoy his creations. Truly amazing!

Wandering the streets of Venice, Italy. This was truly a heavy tourist scene with shops all over the place.

St. Marks Cathedral in Venice, Italy. This historic Italian church is filled with the most beautiful mosaics I have ever seen. Literally, every inch of ceiling in this church is covered in mosaics. Remarkable!

Joseph, The VIP Guy, standing on top of San Salvatore mountain and looking over Lugano, Switzerland. The group hiked this mountain on its third day in the country.

Another shot of Lugano from San Salvatore

The harbor in Venice, Italy. The entire city is surrounded by water and can be traversed either on short cobbled streets for walking or by one of the few streams that runs through the city. Here is the home of the famous "Gondola Ride."

I think this is a fitting finale. We went paragliding off this cliff and into a valley in the Swiss Alps. Absolutely breathtaking.