Sunday, October 5, 2008

Get Over It & Get At It

Get Over It! Get At It!
By: Joseph Norman

"Though you cannot go back and make a brand new start, my friend, you can start now, and make a brand new end." - John C. Maxwell, Today Matters

What you did yesterday is not nearly as important as what you do today. We fail and we do it often. It's a necessity of life because failure breeds true success. My challenge to you this week is two fold. Get over it and get at it!

You have something on your mind which is holding you back. You're not proud of the way you reacted to something or someone in the past. You didn't close the deal. You didn't exercise. You ate too much fatty foods last week. You think you're overweight. You are struggling to pay your bills. You got stood up. You broke up with your significant other. You pissed somebody off. You didn't think before you opened your mouth and spoke.

GET OVER IT! Move on. Forgive yourself for your stupidity or inaction and file the experience away. It's over and you can't take it back, so learn from it and leave it.

Now that you have made the choice to evict the insecurities caused by your past, make your new day one focused on living the life you need and want to live.

GET AT IT! Today is your opportunity. It is your open canvas. You are the paintbrush and your life is the paint. What are you going to create? Who are you going to influence? What message are you going to deliver? What story are you going to write on the hearts of the people admiring your life's canvas?

Let them experience that narrative by making it a priority to live it today.