Sunday, February 25, 2007

Letter from the Editor

The Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles, Issue 6, February 25, 2007

Hello Friends,

We hope your week is going well. Currently, we are focused on our newsletter's growth by expanding away from Geneseo and featuring some prominent figures outside of the college town. Our new VIPs will be politicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, professors, and more. Many interesting stories of some of the areas most influential people are coming, so stay tuned!

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My week consisted of tours, meetings, quizzes, Shakespeare, and of course, a few VIP interviews. High schools were off this week, so many prospective students were visiting campus. As a volunteer Tour Guide for the Geneseo Admissions Team, I had the opportunity to take a few large groups around and talk to them about the Geneseo experience. I enjoy meeting new people and I have had a good experience at Geneseo, so this is a good outlet for me to help future college students and give back to the university. The meetings ranged from the weekly meeting I hold for the Student Managed Investment Fund team I manage, to the bi-weekly meeting of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee which I have served on since my freshman year.

My book recommendation of the week is a step away from the business world and into the heart of American history and the transcendentalist writers of New England. In a previous issue, I reflected on my experience reading Ralph Waldo Emerson, but now I would like to feature Nathaniel Hawthorne's, The Blithedale Romance. For the literature buffs out there, this is an interesting tale of humanity as the characters try to create a Utopian society. Hawthorne's take on the experience is very progressive when analyzed against its context in history (circa 1850). It is a captivating read with some interesting insight into many common human character traits and the actions of people in society.

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Hope you enjoy this profile. Please continue to give us your support and feedback. Thank you.

Joseph W. Norman
Notable and Newsworthy
Geneseo English/Business '08
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