Thursday, February 1, 2007

Notable and Newsworthy Objectives

Dear Friends, Associates, VIPs and Students of the World,

Benjamin W. DeGeorge (Business Administration) and Joseph W. Norman (English / Business) of the State University of New York at Geneseo are going to enlighten and inspire you through "The Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles." This weekly newsletter is made up of profiles of people who have experienced success. What these people hold in common is that they have a story to tell that can be educational, entertaining and a good tool for your walk through life. We will interview and profile two new people every week, and send out a newsletter every Sunday for your reading pleasure.

Some may wonder exactly what success means to us or who "VIPs" are. We think that success is happiness or fulfillment and everyone with a story to tell is a VIP. The homemaker is successful if she is able to raise her children with the same values that her parents instilled in her while the CEO is successful if he has added value to his company. In addition, the small business owner is successful if she is able to create a loyal customer base and strengthen her ties to the community while the mayor is successful if he is able to rally the town around a cause such as helping out a family that experienced a house fire. In other words, success is what we make of it.

There are two main objectives to our newsletter; providing a motivational message and creating a networking medium. In each issue we will include both profiles and contact information of the VIPs. Upon being interviewed each VIP has given us the right to market them in this newsletter and they have generously opened themselves up to you, our readers. If you so desire, you can contact each and every one of them if you feel a relationship will be of mutual benefit. We ask that if you value our service, then please spread the word and send our newsletter to those you think could also benefit. If they enjoy it then have them contact us at so we can put them on our list. We would also love your constructive input into our service and the work we create. Your criticisms can also be sent to the VIProfile address. We will be constantly refining the structure of our e-newsletter and our practices based on your feedback. This is our chance to create meaningful relationships with those we profile and pass these relationships on to you. These profiles will contain leadership theories, personal mantras, themes, stories of the path to success and our interpretation of what makes these people great.

Thank you very much for your time. We know that if you take a few minutes and read over these profiles of VIPs you can benefit in innumerable ways. We hope all is well with you and yours and enjoy!


Benjamin and Joseph

Benjamin W. DeGeorge
Notable and Newsworthy
SUNY Geneseo '09

Joseph W. Norman
Notable and Newsworthy
SUNY Geneseo '08