Thursday, February 1, 2007

Letter from the Editor

Joseph W. Norman
The Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles, Issue 2, January 28, 2007
Note: Welcome Geneseo Alumni, Faculty, and Administration.

Dear Loyal Readers,

This is the second week of the newsletter, "The Notable and Newsworthy: VIP Profiles". We have learned much in the last week and our vision has also changed. I can assure you that the quality will only improve as we continue to refine ourselves and our newsletter's structure.

We are starting to expand our team this week in order to conduct more interviews with VIPs and write more essays about them for our readers. We are excited to get some fresh minds to work with us in creating our newsletter and facilitating our other services.

It has been an exciting experience working with the VIPs our newsletters wax so eloquently about. In the last week we have tried to solve a few technical issues including being labeled as "SPAM" by a few e-mail services and protecting the anonymity of our readers. Doubting the complete resolution of the first issue we included "NOT SPAM" in the subject line this week as reinforcement. In terms of my current influences, my English background has me reading much Ralph Waldo Emerson. The philosophies integrated within his text about creative energy and originality has me constantly thinking about how to improve the "VIP Profiles" e-newsletter. On the other hand, my business interests have had me constantly referencing a book I read recently which I now recommend to you, our readers. It is Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships. This is an incredible book about interacting and connecting with people; a skill we all can constantly improve. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to our future interactions.

This week's edition contains two very interesting people; Dr Anthony Yangxiang Gu, a disciplined, celebrated Professor of Finance, and Cynthia Oswald, the high powered President of the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce. You can look at their respective ways of life, one very Spartan, one very "go, go, go," and see that great success has many forms.

Thank you again for your time. Enjoy!

Joseph W. Norman

Note: All issues and VIP essays will be available online in the near future. Stay tuned!

Joseph W. Norman
Notable and Newsworthy
President, Editor in Chief