Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Original motivational & inspirational running quotes & videos

Both co-founders of Bigger Impact, Ben & me, have been runners for a long time. Here are a few original motivational running quotes I wrote over the course of my competitive career noted below. Check out the videos as well! Enjoy!

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I’ve been running competitively & to keep my sanity (or insanity...) since I was about 13 years old and starting cross country at Windsor Middle School in New York. It grew into an obsession & has settled into a way of life for me. While competing in high school and throughout college at SUNY Geneseo, I wrote some poetry which represents the core of running to me. Hope you find them inspirational. Please comment below & share!

First, here are thoughts on a classic race distance…

“On the starting line of a 5k race, no one is better than anyone else.  We are all equal.
No one has run a step.  Then the gun goes off.  Mile 1 goes to the smartest runner. 
Mile 2 goes to the runner who trained the hardest.  Finally, the last mile goes to the one who wants it most, it goes to the guy who's willing to ignore the pain and say "let's go",
it goes to the guy who moves with a mile to go knowing that with a half left he's gonna be on empty, fighting every step through the finish line on pure guts and the drive from his heart.” - JN

Now, for the essence of running & the amazing influence it can have on your life…

“Running is an addiction.  It’s a peace when the world seems overwhelming.  It’s a harmonious effort between your mind, body, and spirit to find rhythm in the world.  You drive your body through hell to feel so close to heaven.  It’s the chance each person possesses to do the impossible; not the impossible for someone else, but for themselves.  The opportunity to break down the barriers people set in their minds that limit them from their potential, not only as a runner, but as a human being.  It’s honest.  You get from it what you put into it.  It’s the rawest and most animalistic of all competitions because it is you verse yourself, and there is nothing to hide from that competitor.”

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And, finally, why I love rainy days so much…

“I love to run in the rain because others fear it.  When they seek the comfort of a sun-beaten path I take haven in the calm of a rain-swept street.  Most of the competition wastes their time waiting for Mother Nature to work with them while I take heed and ask her for a dance.  Some say the rain is a lonely creature because it causes so many to seek shelter and run away, therefore, I take pleasure in keeping it company.  While I rhythmically pound the pavement the rain runs over my body cooling me, energizing me, and making me crave it even more.  At these moments I make peace with myself and with my God.  He challenges me with one of his greatest weapons, pain.  Instead of fighting the pain, I flow with it and I use it to help me break down the walls set up inside my body and my mind limiting me from my potential.  Then I watch as the walls’ rubble is washed away by the rain.” 

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Keep running.